Capacity building for frontline staff in preventing violence against women in Galmudug

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies, in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development of Galmudug, organized a workshop focused on enhancing the capacity of frontline staff to prevent violence against women and providing psychosocial and emotional support. Participants gained skills and knowledge in several critical areas, including stress management, trauma healing, self-care strategies, and providing psychosocial support to women who are victims of violence. One of the takeaways was the importance of self-care for frontline staff. By taking care of themselves, the frontline staff are better equipped to support the victims. The feedback from participants was positive. A female health professional mentioned that she learned about the significance of self-care in her counseling role. Another female doctor expressed gaining insights into mental health support that is crucial for the community. A young professional in the health sector highlighted the importance of acquiring skills specifically related to treating female victims of violence as a counselor. Somali participants also mentioned gaining skills in persuading patients to accept mental health treatment. There was a request for more workshops on topics such as conflict resolution and additional trauma-healing strategies. This indicates an interest among participants to further develop their skills in handling complex situations. The workshop employed interactive group discussions, presentations, and general discussions.