Mursal Saney is the  director of Heritage Institute, responsible for overall operations with a focus on finance and administration. Saney leads external relations and resource mobilization for HIPS. Mr. Saney is also the chief organizer of Heritage Institute’s flagship program, the Annual Forum for Ideas (AFI). Before joining the institute, Saney held senior positions in the Federal Government Somalia where he was the chief protocol officer at the presidency, and a senior liaison official at the office of the prime minister. Mr. Saney also led a number of nonprofit organizations and managed several private sector entities over the past 30 years. 

Saney earned a Certificate of Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck College in London and a BSc (Hons) of Mathematics, Statistics and Management degree from Brunel University of London, UK.E

Deka Abdullahi Moalim is Deputy Director of Management and Operations at the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies. Mrs. Deka served as the Head of Finance, Admin and Human Resources at the Institute for the past nine years. She has over a decade of experience in humanitarian aid management, research and grant management as well as monitoring and evaluations,  and social development programmes.  Deka possesses trackable expertise in finance, operations, and grants management as she successfully managed over twenty million US dollars on behalf of a variety of donors, including ECHO, UNICEF, SIDA, WFP, DEC, DFID, FAO, Bahrain Royal Charity, and SSF. Prior to joining HIPS, Deka  worked for SACH Struggle for Change at Islamabad, Pakistan, Save the Children International (SCI), and Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Her experience and proficiency lie in the domains of financial management, efficiency in operations, and monitoring and evaluations.

Deka possesses a master’s degree in Business Administration from Iqra University Islamabad.

Dr. Uweis Abdullahi Ali is the Deputy Director of Research, Development, and Innovation at Heritage Institute, having formerly served as a senior researcher. He strategically directs the institute’s research initiatives to advance Somalia’s public policy. Dr. Ali also served as the project lead of the Human Capital Development Mechanism for Somalia, co-implemented by the City University of Mogadishu and Heritage Institute. His primary research interests include macroeconomics and development economics, financial development, labor markets, and jobs. Some of his recent work has focused on Somalia’s fiscal policy, including domestic revenue and debt management in post-HIPC economic recovery, banking sector reform, and promoting productive jobs for the Somali youth. Previously, he was a HR practitioner with various organizations in Malaysia. He has written numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and policy papers and has delivered various presentations at national and international conferences.  Dr. Ali holds a PhD in economics and a Master’s Degree in Human Capital Development from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Dr Yusuf currently serves as the Director of the Talo Wadaag 2 Project at the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies. In this role, he leads important initiatives focused on promoting citizens’ participation in governance, peace and nation-building processes in Somalia. Prior to this, he was a Research Associate at the renowned School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London from 2017 to 2022. He also worked as a researcher at the University of Melbourne and St Vincent Hospital, and a teacher at Victoria University. He also worked as a consultant for International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) and IOM 2019-2020 where he developed and prepared civic education curriculum focused on citizenship, peace education, and critical thinking for young Somalis affected by the civil war. Thus, he practitioner in the field of peace building, and conflict resolution as well as African and Muslim diaspora and migrants’ social integration into their naturalized countries in the West. His diverse background has equipped him with a deep understanding of context-specific needs, emotional wellbeing, identity, belonging, and cultural adaptation among young Africans and Muslims in Western countries.

Academically, He holds a PhD in Social Science from the prestigious School of Social Science, as well as a Masters in Educational Leadership & Management from La Trobe University in Australia. He also holds a second in Human Sciences from International Islamic University, Malaysia and Bachelor in Education from International University of Africa, Sudan.

Ibrahim Abdirahman is a Research, Program and Communication Coordinator at Heritage Policy for Institute Studies. He is also a researcher with the institute focusing on Horn of Africa regional security, external interventions, Islam and Politics, and Africa-Turkey relations. He is currently pursuing his PhD in International Relations at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University and has authored a number of academic articles, book chapters and policy papers. His columns have appeared on Daily Sabah, Anadolu Agency, Middle East Monitor, and Hiiraan Online among others.

Abdullahi Said is a researcher and Data Analyst specialist. His expertise includes methodological design, quantitative and qualitative research, scripting/programming survey questionnaires in high-tech devices, data management, analysis, monitoring and evaluation, transcription, and translation. Currently, he is the coordinator of the capacity-building program at HIPS. Before joining HIPS, he worked at different institutions, including universities and local research centers. He traveled across Somalia searching for empirical data.
Said holds an MA in Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding, and Governance from City University and a BA in Public Administration from Mogadishu University.

Hawa Salad Mohamed is Finance Officer and banking and finance professional with one year experience, prior to HIPS Hawa worked as Accountant with Women and Child Support Organization (WOCSO) through partnership with DRC in Mogadishu. Possess over one year of assisting in budget preparation, assisting in staff fully understanding and complying with the standard financial procedures, assisting in filing, audit preparation and document tracing. Hawa has a Bachelor degree of BA department of Banking and Finance at CITY UNIVERSITY in Mogadishu

Anisa Hashi is a communications and Graphic Designer at HIPS. Blending art and technology, Anisa specializes in branding and visual communications to create inspiring designs that make HIPS’ publications accessible and aesthetically pleasing. She holds a BA in Communication and Creative Design from Australia’s Premier Creative Media University SAE, Dubai campus.

Kayse Hussein is a researcher at HIPS and specializes in translation. With a Master’s degree in Public Health, he has more than 5 years of experience in teaching and lecturing at different universities. As a poet who has composed various poems on social and political issues and public sentiments towards Somali unity and nationhood, Kayse is also a literary and cultural historian.

Abdirizak Ibrahim is a researcher and assistant to the executive director. Prior to joining HIPS, Abdirizak worked as an intern at the institution, gained work experience and insights into the field of research. Abdirizak has supported the institute’s annual report on the “State of Somalia” and keeps a keen eye on current events. He has also contributed to the production of research projects and policy briefs by assisting HIPS’ senior researchers. Abdirizak holds a BA in Political Science from City University of Mogadishu.

Ahmed Barre is a researcher at HIPS. He specializes in qualitative and quantitative data collection and transcription. Barre Holds a Bachelor degree in Sharia and Law from City University of Mogadishu. He also holds a post-graduate diploma of law from Somali national University. Prior to joining HIPS, Barre interned at the Supreme Court of Somalia and Banadir Regional Court. He also worked with local organization, funded by USAID with the aim of helping vulnerable groups to access justice. As a legal researcher, Barre is a licensed lawyer from Somali Bar Association.

Muhudin Gutale is a Logistics & Administration Officer at HIPS. Closely working with researchers and the institute’s human resources and finance team, Muhudin, has more than six years of experience in logistics, procurement and administration. He holds a BA in Public Administration from Africa Graduate University, a Diploma in Accounting and Economics from Cambridge International College and advance Diploma in English from City University. 

Saida Hassan, a motivated and dedicated graduate, has recently joined Heritage Institute for Policy Studies as a Research Assistant to Talo Wadaag 2 program. With a strong academic background in Social Work and Community Development and a graduate from City University of Mogadishu, Saida brings a passion for research and a commitment to contributing to HIPS’ intellectual discourse. She has excellent communication skills and a solid foundation in research methodologies. She is responsible for collecting and analyzing data and identifying Participatory Action Research and focus-group participants, conducting PRA Related Surveys and desk reviews related to PAR

Hamzah Hassan is an IT Specialist at HIPS. He is the technical expert on staff and is responsible for IT security and policy. He also supports HIPS cloud solutions, technical hardware, and software purchases and provides solutions and recommendations for the organization’s technical needs. A passionate problem solver, he has served as Chief Information Officer, IT Director, System Administrator, Engineer, Architect, and Technical Trainer on three continents. Mr. Hassan has helped organizations run smarter, greener, and more efficiently while making IT easy to understand and afford, from Washington, D.C., to Boorama and Mogadishu.

Mr. Hassan’s experience spans over 20 years in IT, beginning in 2000 as an IT Technician. He has since worked with government contracts, global NGOs, and the private sector. His work ranges from the U.S. Senate, U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Department of Transportation to INOVA Hospital Systems and the ACLU. His work has also involved supporting the technical needs of universities and businesses alike. He specializes in listening first, finding creative solutions, training teams, and empowering them to run operations successfully.

Mr. Hassan earned a BSc in Information Technology with a focus in Cybersecurity from the University of the Potomac in Washington, D.C. and has been with HIPS since 2014.