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Category: Publications

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit policy research and analysis institute based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

April 2021

Structural Impediments To Reviving Somali's Security Forces.

For over a decade, successive Somali governments and the international community
March 2021

Impediments To Good Governance In Somalia

Despite recent reforms, the formal justice system in Somalia is broken at the co
February 2021

State Of Somalia 2020 Report

Despite recent reforms, the formal justice system in Somalia is broken at the co
January 2021

Rebuilding Somalia’s Broken Justice System : Fixing the Politics, Policies and Procedures

Despite recent reforms, the formal justice system in Somalia is broken at the co
January 2021

Averting Electoral Violence In Somalia

Without an urgent agreement on the implementation of the 17 September agreement,
November 2020

Human Capital Development Strategy for Somalia

The last 20 years have been characterized by slow but steady recovery and a mode
November 2020

The Economic Impacts of Covid-19 on Somalia

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Somalia’s economy though the country is expect
November 2020

Somalia: Preserving the Integrity of the Election

There are plenty of reasons to believe that the current FGS and FMS administrati
August 2020

Productive labor and Employment Creation for Somalia : key challenges and strategies

Labor in Somalia can be divided into four historical phases: pre-colonial societ
August 2020

Somalia’s Education Sector:Fostering Skills Through A Demand Driven Education System

Education is one of the most important determinants for an individual’s produc
August 2020

Somalia’s Agriculture and Livestock Sectors:A Baseline Study And A Human Capital Development Strategy

As Somalia transitions from more than three decades of conflict to partial stabi
July 2020

Finding a Way Out of Somalia’s Manmade Electoral Crisis

We at HIPS strongly believe that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. W
June 2020

Somalia Fisheries: Untapped Potential Held Back by Skills Shortage

Somalia is endowed with diverse and rich fisheries resources thanks to its highl
May 2020

Somalia’s Healthcare System: A Baseline Study & Human Capital Development Strategy

Over the past three decades, Somalia has been an arena for endless armed conflic
May 2020

Expanded Participation Model: Alternative for Somalia’s 2020 One-Person One-Vote Plan

On 21 February 2020, the President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmaajo), sig
January 2020

State of Somalia (SOS) Report

The State of Somalia (SOS) Report focuses on the main developments and key trend
September 2019

The Galmudug Crisis: A Blueprint For Sustainable Settlement

The prospects of a permanent peace or prolonged conflicts are both potentially h
July 2019

Somalia: In Search of a Workable 2020 Electoral Model

For the fifth time since 2000, Somalia is searching for an electoral model that
March 2019

Farmaajo’s Presidency: A scorecard for the first two years and the prospects for the remaining two.

Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmaajo’ was elected as the President of Somalia on Febr
October 2018

Options To End Somalia’s Current Political Stalemate

Somalia has entered a dangerous political stalemate that could unravel the signi
August 2018

Somalia Needs a Cogent Foreign Policy Agenda

After decades of being a backwater failed nation largely defined by civil wars,
April 2018

Youth Migration in Somalia: Causes, Consequences and Possible Remedies

This research was aimed at investigating issues surrounding youth migration in S
December 2017

Durable Solutions for Somali Refugees

Since 2014, over 73,000 Somali refugees have been repatriated from Dadaab – th
October 2017

Somalia needs conciliatory not confrontational politics

On October 14 Mogadishu was rocked by the deadliest explosion in its history, ki
July 2017

Survey of Public Opinion on Somalia’s Provisional Constitution

In the past four years, citizens’ views were not adequately reflected in the c
April 2017

Somalia’s Drought Induced Crises: Immediate Action and Change of Strategy Needed

The ongoing drought in Somalia – referred to in the Somali language as Sima, w
April 2017

A Memo For Somalia’s New Leaders on The Priorities of Citizens

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS) conducted a public opinion perc
February 2017

Land Matters in Mogadishu: Settlement, ownership and displacement in a contested city

Mogadishu has for more than two decades been one of the most highly contested ci
February 2017

Somalia’s parliament should produce a constitution by and for the people

As Somalia’s tenth parliament began its work in early 2017 and elected Mohamed
December 2016

Gaalkacyo Conflict: Drivers, Contributors and Potential Solutions

Gaalkayo is the only divided city with two different administrations in Somalia.
April 2016

Parliament should use Its oversight to improve electoral model

The electoral model by Somalia’s National Leaders Forum (NLF) outlining the 20
February 2016

Exit Strategy Challenges for the AU Mission in Somalia

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) alone cannot defeat al-Shabaab. Th
February 2016

Turkey’s Assistance Model in Somalia: Achieving Much With Little

The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of Turkey’s unique hu
December 2015

Selection of the Next Somalia Parliament: The Citizens’ View

HIPS initiated this research project, called “2016 Scenarios”, to contribut
April 2015

Educational challenges in post-transitional Somalia: Case study Mogadishu

The study investigated major educational challenges facing Somalia in its post-t
April 2015

The Political and Civic Engagement of Somali Women

Today women in the Somali region make positive contributions to their communitie
February 2015

Islamic Humanitarianism? The evolving role of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation in Somalia and beyond

The Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC)’s humanitarian role dates back
February 2015

Federal Somalia: Not if but How

A significant majority of Somalis favor a federal system of governance, despite
December 2014

Attitudes Towards Democracy in Mogadishu

The vast majority of Mogadishu residents consider democratic elections in the ci
September 2014

Perceptions of Security and Justice in Mogadishu

Residents of Mogadishu feel a lot safer and more optimistic compared to last yea
June 2014

Oil in Somalia: Adding fuel to the fire?

As the latest ‘frontier region’ of hydrocarbon exploration and production in
June 2014

Diaspora Return to Somalia

Diaspora returnees are growing increasingly visible in Somalia. Their increasing
January 2014

Decentralization Options for Somalia

The issue of decentralization has been hotly debated in Somalia for the past dec
December 2013

Humanitarian Negotiations with Al Shabaab

Somalia is one of the most dangerous environments in the world for aid workers a
December 2013

Consequences of Political Infighting

The rift between the two top officeholders in Somalia, and the subsequent remova
September 2013

International Engagement: The day after the New Deal

On 16 September 2013, Brussels is hosting the New Deal for Somalia Conference sp
August 2013

The State of Higher Education in Somalia

Higher education institutions have proliferated in Somalia during the two decade
July 2013

The Kismaayo Crisis: Options for Compromise

The crisis in Kismaayo has the potential to undermine the Somali Federal Governm
May 2013

The Somalia – Somaliland Negotiations

The recent dialogue between the Somali Federal Government and Somaliland in Turk
April 2013

The Somali Government’s First 100 Days

On 3 March 2013 Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon stood before parliament and pr
March 2013

Hasty Repatriation

Kenya is attempting to repatriate more than half a million Somali refugees despi
March 2013

The U.S. Recognition of Somalia

The U.S. recognition of the Somali government on 17 January 2013 is a great and
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