The Galmudug Crisis: A Blueprint For Sustainable Settlement

The prospects of a permanent peace or prolonged conflicts are both potentially high in Galmudug. Notwithstanding the political booby traps, there is still a rare window of opportunity to find a comprehensive settlement to the political crises that has paralyzed Galmudug for years. Luckily, some key actors in the state seem to understand the importance of holding free, fair and democratic elections in the near future. However, others are preoccupied with, and are scheming to, relentlessly cling to power and maintain relevance while others are obsessively and dangerously plotting to grab control by any means necessary. Some political actors seem to appreciate the value of resolving the various communal conflicts in the region before any election process is initiated. Others, however, seem to be oblivious to the fragility and combustible nature of the state and are driven by insatiable personal interest.

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